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Ben x Leslie

I just keep thinking about parks and rec and Ben/Leslie 

like, I knew about them and I shipped them because of all the gifs I’d seen of them being cute on tumblr before I even watched parks and rec

and now that I’ve watched it, I just really love them. and I really like they way they’re story played out. I often get really annoyed with the writing of romantic parings in tv shows, but I really like theirs. 

I like how it took what seamed like ages with all that build up, and then they delivered. it took long enough for me to begin to think that they we’re never going to actually get together and that tumblr had lied to me and it was painful, but when they finally did get together all the pain of waiting paid off, which was really nice because I’m often disappointed at that point.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I really like Ben and Leslie and they way they and their relationship is written it makes me really happy and I just want them to be happy always.

and making out all the time please. 

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