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So, for many people in California, water is literally going to run out for them before the end of the year, which is a completely ridiculous thing to ever have happen. Bottled water companies and various companies who use excessive water for extracurricular activities are not really taking into consideration the environment surrounding their area, and are pretty much bleeding California dry.

I don’t really have much in the way of helping, but not supporting those companies is always a great idea, which is why I personally recommend Bobbles.

They’re reusable plastic bottles that are fairly cheap and utilize a carbon filter that usually runs you less than $5 per filter and typically come two filters to a pack, and lasts you a good couple of months. You can buy them on Amazon, and I’ve seen them in places like Best Buy and Walgreens, so they’re bound to be in all sorts of places outside of that.

Tap water in most areas has been found to basically not be any more dangerous to your health than bottled water, but if you’re really unsure or paranoid like me, these filters do a great job without having to buy an attachment filter for your sink faucet.

There are TONS of short term solutions to help you guys out, but I figure having a reference or two drop on your dash might make the decision to jump to filters as opposed to traditional bottled water a little simpler to make.

Here’s a handy-dandy link to the Amazon search page if you’re interested.

bottled water is a SCAM and one that literally is endangering the environment and contributing to the horrific wildfires CA experiences every year. Get a filtered bottle like this, or something similar. Way cheaper and better for the environment! Remember, water, like any other resource, is valuable. Don’t waste it!

Please also look into Oko H2O water bottles. These filtering water bottles have incredible filters and make the water taste amazing. Ever see those videos of a water bottle filter removing the color from soda? That’s the water bottle I’m talking about, and the one I own. I have the one liter size which is 30 or so dollars from Amazon (comes with filter) and each replacement filter is

I’m begging you to stop buying bottled water. seriously, please. I am so scared for the people of my state.

I. You were too drunk to think right the first time you kissed me and I was too desperate to tell you to stop.

II. Wrapping my arms around you every night still couldn’t make up for not being able to during the day.

III. Each time you touched me, it felt like my insides had been ignited, but it turned out I wasn’t fireproof.

IV. Sometimes I wake up reaching for your hand and my only consolation is that you’ve probably reached for me too.

V. I thought leaving you would be the hardest part, but now I know it’s staying gone.

VI. We could’ve been amazing; I hope that haunts you in your sleep.

i don’t want to be anyone’s secret (via egracely)





hmm, yoga is kind of girly #nohomo
let’s rename it so it sounds manlier and make it just for the bros
for the bros only




I have a serious problem and personal vendetta with renamed shit because boys are too fragile and scared to use a word that already exists for what they’re doing/using. 

Manscara and Guy-liner? No one is fooled you are litereally wearing make up just OWN IT

Bromance? I know this has a slightly different definition than its original source but come ON

Mangagement Ring? seriously

Man Cave? That’s not even a portmanteau it’s just a stupid-ass name for a den

Soap…FOR MEN/Shampoo…FOR MEN because being clean is for GIRLS

Mangria because fruity alcohol is obviously only for girls and Adam Carolla knows how to market to idiots

I mean are you seriously that scared of femininity that EVERYTHING that could be even close to being associated with a feminine activity must have a name that has more wieners associated with it? 

Such scaredy pissbabies I don’t even understand



lmao 2 years ago not even the majority of marvel comics fans cared about the guardians of the galaxy and now I’m seeing reading lists popping up left and right and RYAN FUCKING SEACREST said “I am groot” on national radio but NO ONE WAS ASKING FOR A GOTG MOVIE BEFORE IT WAS ANNOUNCED

carol danvers has a rabid fanbase that has their own name and that creators are scared of when they show up at cons. you think iron man had something like the carol corps when they decided to give him a movie? YOU THINK ROCKET RACCOON OR GROOT HAD A FANBASE CLAMORING FOR THEM TO GET A MOVIE????

get the fuck outta here with this weak “no one knows female superheroes like they know marvel’s big three” like DUH marvel has spent 6 YEARS making sure everyone knows who captain america, iron man, and thor are by giving them their own movies. stop defending kevin feige’s weak slimy bullshit you soggy-assed milkbags



things that make me sad:

Elijah Bradley wanted to make sure nobody forgot about his Grandpa. What his grandpa did, and what had happened to him. Isaiah’s experiences, and his own, are a huge part of his identity as a hero and a person. Elijah Bradley is a character about remembrance, and respect for that memory. 

Elijah Bradley is also one of the characters i see forgotten the most. 

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