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Bad books on writing tell you to ‘WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW’, a solemn and totally false adage that is the reason there exist so many mediocre novels about English professors contemplating adultery.

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Just choked on my fucking drink

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My screenwriting professor literally wrote a textbook called “Write what you don’t know” because he’s awesome.

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Jenny Lewis - Just One Of The Guys

Celebrated California singer-songwriter Jenny Lewis has premiered the video for her new single, “Just One of the Guys.” The smart, tongue-in-cheek video stars Lewis’ actress friends Anne HathawayBrie LarsonKristen Stewart, and Tennessee Thomas as her band, and marks Lewis’ directorial debut.

 ”Just One of the Guys” is the first single from Lewis’ upcoming album The Voyager, which will be released by Warner Bros. Records on July 29th. The album is currently available for pre-order from all participating digital retailers. Those who pre-order will receive instant downloads of “Just One of the Guys” and “The Voyager.” 


Listen I just want to say that I better not catch anybody speaking ill of Weird Al as the promotional hype builds surrounding the release of Mandatory Fun because Al is one of the few sources of good that we have left in this world. And I don’t just say that because he helped me during a difficult point in my life. If you’re looking for “real” proof, let’s not forget that in 2004, both of his parents passed away one night because of a carbon monoxide leak in their house. This happened while Al was in the middle of the tour, and rather than cancel the rest of the dates to go home and be with his family, he continued and finished the tour. His reasoning was I’ve heard from so many people over the years that my music has cheered them up in times of tragedy… well, I thought maybe my music would help me too.” and he said that performing for people and making them laugh was the only thing that would allow him to escape from a tragedy by anyone’s definition and how the fans had saved him this time. Weird Al works incredibly hard at what he does, and even if you don’t appreciate it you have to admire his devotion to his music and to comedy in general. Weird Al has always been some kind of strange accordion playing guardian angel that will always be there to give you a laugh when you need it most, even if it comes in the form of a polka.

Nancy Wake, who has died in London just before her 99th birthday, was a New Zealander brought up in Australia. She became a nurse, a journalist who interviewed Adolf Hitler, a wealthy French socialite, a British agent and a French resistance leader. She led 7,000 guerrilla fighters in battles against the Nazis in the northern Auvergne, just before the D-Day landings in 1944. On one occasion, she strangled an SS sentry with her bare hands. On another, she cycled 500 miles to replace lost codes. In June 1944, she led her fighters in an attack on the Gestapo headquarters at Montlucon in central France.

Ms Wake was furious the TV series [later made about her life] suggested she had had a love affair with one of her fellow fighters. She was too busy killing Nazis for amorous entanglements, she said.

Nancy recalled later in life that her parachute had snagged in a tree. The French resistance fighter who freed her said he wished all trees bore “such beautiful fruit.” Nancy retorted: “Don’t give me that French shit.”

"Resistance heroine who led 7,000 men against the Nazis," The Independent. (via madelinecoleman)

"strangled an SS sentry with her bare hands"

"too busy killing Nazis for amorous entanglements"

"don’t give me that French shit."

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Brazilians were supporting Germany’s NT. Why? 6 months ago the Germans arrived in Santa Cruz Cabrália (Bahia, Brazil) and built a hotel, a health center, a football field, donated an ambulance to the town, created a full-time school program in Cabralia, made a road that led to their training center, didn’t bring German employees hiring about 250 Cabrália citizens in their training center. Then the Germany NT arrived and: When not training, they socialized with the citizens in the town or in the beach, partied with the citizens, were kind to the fans always talking to them/taking pictures with them. About the win against our team: they were respectful with us, said that their idols were Brazilian legends and that we shouldn’t lose our pride. They are thankful for the way they were welcome here. And they’ll donate the things they built to the population. It’s impossible not to support these guys.
I translated this because people think it’s just because they beat Argentina. It’s not. (via argentie)
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